Official Representative

Creating a New Tradition in India

The Wushu KungFu Federation of India is a non-profit organization registered under societies registration act XXI of 1860, Mumbai Public Trust Act XXIX of 1950 and Under Section 12 AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961, Trade Mark Registry Act 1999 Section 23 (2), Rule 56 (1), dedicated to promote traditional kungfu and contemporary wushu, developing the ancient fighting arts, providing greater teaching and learning opportunities for masters and students. It coordinates its efforts with other International organizations, particularly those in Asia to develop the ancient fighting arts and its competitions on an International Level.

The Wushu KungFu Federation of India (WKFI) is the official Indian representative to the Shaolin Temple, China and the only national governing body recognized by the, World Traditional Kung-Fu Federation, World KungFu League and Martial Arts Authority of India. The WKFI is the first and only organization in India to successfully develop regional and national activities, and its formation has tremendously improved the way Wushu-Kungfu events are managed and conducted in the nation. Internationally, the WKFI has represented India in many functions and events.

Its origins date back to Ahmedabad, 1992, where a group of prominent leaders of the Chinese martial arts community gathered to explore the idea of a national organization to encourage the development of the Chinese martial arts in India. The idea was to organize a formerly unorganized sport, and this presented a challenge. Domestically, WKFI is comprised of five regions (EWNSC). These five regions converge once a year at the National Wu-Shu Kung-Fu Festival. In addition to two days of of the national festival, this event features three days of special seminars taught by prominent masters from all over the nation.

Organizing the Sport

The mission of the WKFI is to organize a previously un-organized action arts and extend it’s joy and benefits to the Indian people.Today, the WKFI has a successfully developed regional and national structure, which has organized an extensive range of activities throughout the nation. The main purpose of WKFI is to improve the knowledge of the Chinese Martial Arts in the academic angle and to make unity among the Martial Arts Instructors and Associations. WKFI has fostered a unique and wide-ranging network of qualified teachers, participants and volunteers hosting events all across the country.

Another recently encultated programme is the annual Kung-Fu Culture Tour to China which includes visits to Beijing City, The Shaolin Temple and many other historic sites. In 2006, WKFI lightened India for the first time in the history of Songshan Shaolin Temple by leading its national team to the Kungfu Culture tour to China. Since then WKFI has been able to successfully stand upon its initiated programme by providing greater learning opportunities for masters and students.

We welcome you to be a part of this progressive national network and join us in our efforts to promote and develop this ancient chinese art, both nationally and world wide.

The Federation's Achievements

From its inception, the WKFI has been dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and promotion of a traditional and contemporary wushu-kungfu in India. By coordination wushu-kungfu competitions and activities, and acting as a governing body for the sport in this country, the Federation seeks not only to make national progress in organizing wushu-kungfu but also to represent India and develop the sport on an international level.The Formation of WKFI has made tremendous improvements in how Wushu KungFu events and activities are managed and conducted in the nation. The Federation continues to grow and make significant progress every year.

Two years after its formation, the Wushu KungFu Federation of India organized The 2001 National Wushu Kungfu Festival which stands as a testament to the dedication of that goal. With nearly 800 athletes and officials from around all the parts of the country, this was the first time the Festival was held in India, and it was the largest ever. The WKFI was proud to offer hospitality and friendship to the many athletes from around the country. The desirable athletes were felicitated with their respective awards. WKFI is the only organization in India which hosts the National Festival every year.

The WKFI has brought its National Team to Russia, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. In 2007, International Wushu Federation hosted it’s 3rd World Traditional Wushu Championaship in Shiyan, China. It was the world’s biggest traditional Wushu competition in which WKFI team successfully participated and got it’s name embedded in the history of India by achieving the memorial award.